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It is made of wood raw materials without additives - granules of a cylindrical type, it is quite convenient to pour them over the lattice of a cat's toilet or in a tray without a lattice. A layer about three centimeters thick is formed. As moisture appears in the tray, as mentioned above, the granules will crumble into sawdust and easily sift to the bottom or form raw in trays without a grate, lumps are also very easy to remove from the tray.


Antibacterial - made with high pressure and steam treatment based on environmentally friendly wood raw materials, which have excellent antibacterial and absorbent properties.


The product has a natural aroma, and the presence of sawdust and particles of oak bark in the filler has an antiseptic effect, the presence of no more than a percentage of pine sawdust gives a light, hardly noticeable aroma.


Not allergenic and safe for the animal.


Flushed - the possibility of disposal in compost or sewer.


Availability due to not high price.

Profitability perfectly absorbs liquid (they can absorb three times their mass). Granules prevent bacteria and odors from spreading.

100% biodegradable

Suitable for cats, dogs, rodents.



Packaging in PET of 10 and 20 liters;

Net weight 8 and 15 kg;

Composition: 70% oak, 30% pine.