BioLET is a reliable manufacturer of modern, economical, environmentally friendly solid fuels such as RUF wood briquette, wood pellets and related products. We offer high quality products at wholesale prices. We are pleased to advise our customers to ensure uninterrupted supply. We supply our products in the domestic market and for export. It is doesn’t matter at what point our products need go to - the product will always has the highest quality.

Pellets (wood pellets)


The main characteristics are similar to eurowood. The main difference between of pellets is their form is a bulk product. As a result, they have features in packaging, transportation, storage. The loose form of pellets determines their important advantage - they are suitable for automatic feeding into the boiler. This allows you to create a conditionally autonomous heating system, as in case with diesel fuel or autonomous gasification.

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RUF wood briquettes are a convenient, economical and environmentally friendly fuel. It is made of pressed (sawdust, shavings) without the use of binders. It can be used in any stoves, fireplaces and boilers and are an excellent substitute for firewood or coal.

Wood briquettes have been popular in Europe for more than 30 years. It is manufactured on European equipment and meet European quality standards, that is why they have received the name "Eurowood".


About us


The company and manufacture are located in Bryansk, Russia.


We produce RUF fuel briquette, fuel pellets.


The capacity of the complex is about 400 tons of products per month. Constant inventory allows you to accurately perform the delivery schedule to customers.


Dispatches are made daily under FCA and DAP conditions.


The manufacture made the production all year round.


We use only environmentally friendly sawdust (oak, birch, ash, alder) in production.


It is produced under constant quality control, strict observance of parameters and standards of weight, density and dimension of products.


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The company participates in international exhibitions and conferences on biofuel resources. We are constantly upgrading and updating equipment. For us, quality is priority over quantity.


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