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BioLET pellets are pellets of standard size and uniform density. Pellets are made from sawdust (100% oak). The technology of our company allows us to obtain wood pellets of the highest quality .. This method of production of pellets ensures stable combustion for a fairly long time.

Surface. The granules are smooth, shiny, have no cracks and swelling, which indicates their strength and low abrasion.

Diameter is 6 mm.
Color. Light coffee color (freshly sawn oak)

The advantages of our pellets

Oak fuel pellets are environmentally friendly fuel with an ash content of not more than 1%. When pellets are burned, exactly as much CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere as was absorbed by the plant during growth or how much will be emitted during the usual decomposition of wood.

Pellets differ from ordinary wood in high dryness (8-10% moisture versus 30-50% in firewood) and a greater, about one and a half times, density. These qualities provide a higher calorific value than wood chips or firewood. When a ton of pellets is burned, approximately 5,000 kWh of heat is released, which is one and a half times more than conventional firewood.

The high and constant bulk density of our products makes it relatively easy to transport this bulk product over long distances.

Due to the correct shape, small size and uniform consistency, granules can be poured through special hoses, which allows you to automate the processes of loading and unloading and also burning this type of fuel

650 kg big bag packaging, or 1000 kg.

Packaging PET bags 10 or 15 kg.

Net calorific value per working condition
fuel, Qʳᵢ, MJ / kg / (kcal / kg), not less than 18.20 / 4347

It is long from 4 to 30 mm

Ash content up to 0.7%

Density 1.2-1.4

Humidity up to 8%