Made from pressed wood sawdust and shavings. Do not contain any additives and adhesives, wood fuel briquettes -100% environmentally friendly product. Fuel briquettes (eurowood) is a modern, convenient solid fuel for all types of stoves, boilers, fireplaces.

1 ton (1.5 cubic meters) of fuel briquettes gives the amount of heat equivalent to 5 cubic meters of birch firewood of natural drying.


PET packaging of 12 pcs. Pallet 96 packs. Net weight of one package is 10 kg. Net pallet is 960 kg. Gross pallet 985 kg.


Shelf life is not limited, however, it is necessary to protect Eurodrov from moisture. RUF briquettes should be stored indoors, (in a barn, garage, under a canopy) or covered with foil.



Heat transfer 4500-5000 kcal / kg,

Humidity <8%

Density 0.9 - 1.2 g / cm3,

Ash content <1%


BioLET RUF briquette is more convenient and profitable than firewood and coal, because:

In terms of heat transfer per unit weight, wood fuel briquettes surpass conventional firewood by 2–3 times and are almost equal to coal. When buying fuel briquettes at a minimum price (from 1 ton), eurowood will cost you less than the equivalent amount of firewood in terms of heat transfer.

The duration of burning and decay is 2-3 times longer than ordinary wood. It is always ready-to-use fuel - no need to saw, chop, dry anything.


EURODROVA is a factory product with constant characteristics (weight, humidity). Unlike ordinary firewood,

Euro-woods (including ruf briquettes) are safer - they burn without smell, do not shoot and do not spark, practically do not give smoke, soot, carbon monoxide and other harmful substances, unlike firewood or coal. Not explosive during storage, unlike gas, diesel fuel, etc.

Convenient and clean packaging. Space saving - 1 ton occupies 1 m2 of area, fuel supply can be stored next to the boiler / stove.

When burning euro, firewood (fuel briquettes) forms a minimum of ash - 20 times less firewood and 40 times less coal. As a result, cleaning the stove or fireplace is much easier. Ash can be used as fertilizer.

In the process of thermal sintering of natural wood sawdust, the entire bacterial flora is destroyed and a "dead" product is obtained for parasites (bugs, fungi and microbes).

Do not contain dust and spores that cause allergies.

Our briquettes are made on German equipment and comply with the DIN standard adopted in Germany. This is confirmed by certificates and conclusions from laboratory tests.

Comparison of fuel briquettes with other types of fuel


Calorific value:

firewood of natural humidity (40-55%) ~ 1500 kcal / kg

dry firewood (humidity 25%) 2160 kcal / kg (pine), 2600 kcal / kg (birch)

brown coal 3910 - 4500 kcal / kg

wood waste briquettes 4700-5000 kcal / kg

coal anthracite 6100 - 7500 kcal / kg


The boiler power when using eurowood is increased to 50% compared to conventional wood.

Sulfur emission during combustion of Eurodrov <0.08%, which allows cleaning the chimney 3-4 times less than when using firewood or coal. Significant savings on chimney sweep services!

Eurowood production takes place at high pressure and temperature. The binder is lignin, which is found in the wood itself.

The duration of burning and smoldering of briquettes is on average 2-3 times longer than that of ordinary firewood, they also provide a constant temperature during combustion. This means that, compared with ordinary wood, laying in the oven can be done 2-3 times less often. Briquettes are easier to feed into the combustion chamber compared to wood and coal. They flare up well, burn long and evenly, do not give sparks and soot.

Eurodroves are well suited for cooking kebabs or grills. When fat enters them, they do not ignite, but continue to smolder or burn with an even low flame. Sale of fuel briquettes is one of the activities of our company.

Briquettes have an average density of 2.5 times higher than firewood, so they take up less space. It is a convenient and clean product for storage and transportation.